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Let 2013 all hang out at these musical blasts

Provocative cult fave El Elle joins classic local dirty dance producer Gold Chains at Night Light in Oakland

Things will likely get sexy at this show: Provocative solo artist El Elle, aka Lisa Light of cultish favorites Lovemakers (who now splits her time between LA and SF), is a showstopper. She blends mod style and sonic substance, analog synth with bass and whispery, dreamy vocals, Beyoncé-slick moves — and butts, in her video for "Heartbeat" — and Kate Bush organic songwriting. Or at she puts it, "experimental pop/New Age dance party." Plus, naughty, heart-pumping local club music producer Gold Chains will join her — um, he has a 2013 album called Sluts (Gold Club) — as will Everyone is Dirty, and super secret special guest DJs. As is tradition on this night, there'll be a Champagne toast at midnight. 9pm, $10. Night Light, 311 Broadway, Oakl.

This is San Francisco, and in San Francisco, we call the Fresh & Onlys home. The quartet — led by enigmatic front person Tim Cohen — formed here, lives scattered across the city, works at Amoeba and beyond, and records its demos at the top of battered old Victorians. It lives and breaths a certain breed of SF, which unfortunately seems to be dimming; it's a last vestige of a scrappier DIY time. (Case in point: after this issue went to bed I got the news that SF music scene fixture John Dwyer is heading to LA. And actually, Cohen has already flown the coop, for Sedona, Ariz.) So yes, we'll ring in the New Year at our newest music venue, but with our beloved rock'n'roll troubadours on hand to close out the year, with the opening shimmer of Vetiver, Sun Araw, and Pure Bliss. How does that sound, San Francisco? Yes, it's been a Long Slow Dance, to borrow the Fresh & Onlys 2012 album title. And it sounds pretty damn good. 9pm, $25–$30. Chapel, 777 Valencia, SF.

Sometimes you need some glammy theater in your scummy psych metal: Enter Glitter Wizard. The band is building its own legend, of flowing long hairs and swinging hips, and the combo is just right for a debaucheries NYE. The rounded out Hemlock Tavern lineup is great too — Alternative Tentacles act Pins of Light and Ovvl, the latter a band of local brothers (plus a sister-in-music bassist) just back from a ripping six-week tour of Europe. 9pm, $15. Hemlock Tavern, 1131 Polk, SF.

Is there anything more classic than the Melvins? They're doomy, punk-metal, rock'n'roll touring machines, playing up and down the coast all year long, repeatedly blowing minds while keeping their cool. They've been playing since 1983, and fro-y front person Buzz (Roger Osborne) has maintained throughout, leading the wild pack through various lineup changes (even now they sometimes play as a trio or five-piece) and more than 20 records. In 2013 alone the group released two full-lengths: Everybody Loves Sausages and Tres Cabrones (both on Ipecac Recordings). Everybody Loves Sausages is a blistering cover album of very loudly reimagined tracks like the Jam's "Art School," Lead Belly's "Black Betty," and an inspired take on Venom's "Warhead." Oh, and this time they're playing with a legendary late-'70s punk band called Redd Kross — yes, that Redd Kross, the bratty Hawthorne, Calif.-bred brothers who fed power pop through a meat grinder and pumped out records like B-movie-aping Teen Babes From Monsanto (1984) and heavy Neurotica (1987). It's safe to assume your face will be melted off by early 2014. With Frightwig. 9pm, $40. Great American Music Hall, 859 O'Farrell, SF.

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