The street fight over bicycles, in NYC and SF


[Ed Note: SF State Professor Jason Henderson, whose work we've covered for years, wrote this op-ed for the New York Times and customized this version for us]

A few weeks ago Wall Street Journal editorial board member Dorothy Rabinowitz inflamed the contentious street fight over urban cycling in America. Decrying bicyclists as an all-powerful enterprise and New York’s Mayor Bloomberg as an autocratic ideologue, her immediate target was the new bike share program rolled out in New York City in late May.  Read more »

Reactionaries hate bicycles


After perusing a rather bizarre Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal the other day on the issue of bicycles as instruments of totalitarianism and being reminded of the idea that bike paths are part of a "new world order'', I've been asking myself, what is it that right wingers have against goddamn bicycles?Read more »

The zero-sum future

We can switch from cars to bikes, now. Or we can leave our kids a climate-change disaster


It's going to take longer, sometimes, to get from here to there. Acres of urban space are going to have to change form. Grocery shopping will be different. Streets may have to be torn up and redirected. The rules for the development of as many as 100,000 new housing units in San Francisco will have to be rewritten.

That's the only way this city — and cities across the country — can meet the climate-change goals that just about everyone agrees are necessary.Read more »

Bike hot spots

Cycling in San Francisco is only as safe as its weakest links. Here are a few spots that need attention


When a four-year-long court injunction against new bicycling improvement projects in San Francisco was finally lifted in 2010, there was great hope in the cycling community that the city would rapidly move forward on completing its long-planned network of bike lanes.Read more »

Sunday Streets hits the Embarcadero March 10


We love the ocean breezes of Sunday Streets Great Highway, the jampacked activities of Sunday Streets Mission, the general feeling of being on the main thoroughfare of a neighborhood you don't usually hang out on with thousands of your city neighbors. Once again, the car-free family day is taking over the Embarcadero for its March 10 season opener.

More centrally located than the beach, more of a novelty than the at-times Mission version -- this could be a good one, and it's high time to re-acquaint yourself with the strip in these last days before America's Cup swoops in, anyway. Here's five ways to spend your SS Embarcadero: Read more »

SF's cycling yogis, beware


As a regular yoga practitioner in San Francisco at a couple different studios, I was already aware that classes are especially full these days, with the New Year's resolution crowds still not substantially subsiding yet. And after getting the front wheel stolen off of my bicycle last night while I was in a Yoga to the People class in the Mission, I also learned of another trend: people's bikes being targeted for theft while they're inside stretching themselves.Read more »

Fell/Oak bike lane project appealed


Long-awaited bicycle and pedestrian improvements along Fell and Oak streets – a key east-west connection where fast-moving cars create sometimes-scary conditions for cyclists – approved last month by the Municipal Transportation Agency's board suffered a couple frustrating setbacks last week.Read more »

Why do people have a problem with bikes?


I've always been perplexed at all negativity that gets directed at bicyclists in general, and those who ride on Critical Mass in particular. The people from around the world that I've met this week as I worked on our cover story about the 20th anniversary of Critical Mass have been some of the nicest and most positive and life-affirming people I've met in a long time, the exact opposite of the sometimes-voiced stereotype that they're entitled or angry.Read more »

East Bay buzz

BEER + WINE ISSUE: A self-guided bike tour to up your brew IQ


BEER I will not re-enter the one-sided debate of whether the East Bay is cooler than San Francisco (we covered that in our much hullabalooed April 11 cover story, helpfully titled "San Francisco's loss") But I will tell you this: one side of the Bay Bridge has less hills. Less hills being a boon for the drunk biker in us all.Read more »

Is the killer cyclist more negligent because of past actions?


Today's announcement by District Attorney George Gascón that he filed felony vehicular manslaughter charges against Chris Bucchere, the bicyclist who hit and killed a pedestrian at the intersection of Market and Castro streets on March 29, won't be a surprise or source of outrage to many people.Read more »