the GOP is DOA

The end of the Republican Party


Everyone knows and loves the expression "out of the mouths of babes", but I doubt that's the reaction this poll got in the halls of Republican power. Apparently (and not surprisingly) younger Americans of all stripes don't like the GOP.Read more »

Cryin' wolf


This has been a wretched stretch of brutal press for Barack Obama lately. Battered over and over by revelations of IRS malfeasance, aggressive assaults on press freedom at the AP and Benghazi ad infinitum, the hits keep on coming, amplified by the dual forces of the "Conservative Entertainment Complex" (as exemplified by this great pundit) and a "liberal media" that has realized that Internet hits are their most likely saving grace and revenue stream. It has reached such fevered pitch that the media is making a chilling analogy commonplace! Read more »