Marina and the Diamonds

Live Shots: Marina and the Diamonds at the Warfield


I like a little grit. Usually I feel that a great show combines unpredictability, recklessness, and some raw, unpolished vulnerability. That’s what makes live music exciting and dynamic. If we wanted flawless vocals and sonically airbrushed instrumentals, we’d just stay at home and listen to the music on iTunes. So I’m trying to figure out why Marina and the Diamonds’ shiny, choreographed, factory-sealed set at the Warfield Sunday night felt so right. Read more »

Heads Up: 7 must-see concerts this week


Slowcore, witch house, sugar-pop. The throwaway signifiers tend to make anyone remotely involved bristle. But when you’ve got an amorphous blob of musicians stretched out across the country/world with similar milieus, you tend to want to identify these similarities, to connect all those rich musical dots. Read more »