Listen: Yesway's "Howlin' Face"

Emily Ritz and Kasey Johansing are Yesway.
Photo by Aubrey Trinnaman

Emily Ritz and Kacey Johansing aren't exactly strangers to the Bay's indie-folk scene — Johansing's second solo LP, 2013's Ghosts, has spread like lush acoustic pop wildfire around the city since its release, while Ritz is part of the Oakland-based experimental "noir pop" outfit DRMS, which put out the ambitious American 707 earlier this year, a hypnotically weird and weirdly delightful short film and accompanying soundtrack.

But together, they make something else entirely: Dreamy harmonies layered with guitar are shaped by odd time signatures, beats that sound like they've stopped by to visit from the electronic/chillwave world, and vibraphone apperances (they're often accompanied by Andrew Maguire, who also backs Thao Nguyen); it's music for the last hazy hour of a party, when the stragglers decide to watch the sunrise, or a long slightly stoned solo walk with a lot of things to think about, maybe, or if you have the technology to listen to music underwater, it's also be great for a swim. The duo's debut album's not out until June 3, but this single should tide you over.

Check Yesway online here.

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