Verdict leaves SEIU-NUHW fight unresolved

NUHW head Sal Rosselli
Charles Russo

By Christopher D. Cook

In a mixed ruling this morning (April 9), a nine-member U.S. District Court jury awarded $1.5 million to the Service Employees International Union in its ongoing campaign to stymie a rival union created by former SEIU staffers, in a mixed ruling that's unlikely to resolve the unions' protracted battle over members and leadership in the labor movement. 

Coming after a tense and bruising two-week trial and several days of jury deliberations, the verdict includes a $724,000 penalty against the insurgent National Union of Healthcare Workers, led by Sal Rosselli, former long-time president of SEIU’s United Healthcare Workers West (UHW). Rosselli and 15 of his NUHW colleagues were also hit with smaller penalties ranging from $30,000 to $74,000.

The SEIU lawsuit originally sought $25 million in damages for an array of allegations that its former staffers, who launched NUHW a day after the local was put in trusteeship, had stolen union funds and used SEIU resources and staff time to build their rival organization.

In the process of litigating the case, SEIU deployed four law firms at an expense of $5 million, according to SEIU-UHW communications director Steve Trossman (NUHW’s attorneys estimate the figure at closer to $10 million)—so if the award is upheld, SEIU stands to lose at least $3.5 million on the case. 

“It’s absolutely worth it,” said Michelle Ringuette, SEIU’s strategic affairs director.  “There’s no price tag on justice.”  She called the verdict “an enormous slam-dunk victory for SEIU members, who wanted to hold [NUHW] accountable…they are exhilarated today.”

But in an interview a few hours after the verdict, Rosselli said he and NUHW are undaunted by the ruling.  “Their goal was to destroy NUHW, and they failed,” he said.  “They wanted us to walk away from NUHW, that’s what this is all about…This will go on for more than a year before they can try to see a dime” of NUHW money, Rosselli added, noting NUHW’s attorneys will ask Judge William Alsup to set aside the verdict, and if he doesn’t they’ll press on to the U.S. Court of Appeals.

According to Rosselli, SEIU “said I was in jail, they said that I stole $3 million, and it hasn’t resonated…This has the potential to backfire on them—what we got dinged for is fighting the trusteeship, fighting for democracy, and fighting for a voice.”

Meanwhile, on the ground, where the two unions are locked in a tough fight for members, a different verdict is playing out.  In nine hospital elections over the past year, NUHW has won seven, mostly by resounding margins. The new union has won elections for more than 3,000 workers so far, while more than 100,000 have signed petitions requesting NUHW representation. The biggest organizing prize is Kaiser, where 50,000 workers will decide which union they want in an election this June.  "Once we win the Kaiser election, it's going to be all over for SEIU healthcare," Roselli said.

Rosselli said there are 100 union elections pending, and SEIU has moved to block all but 30 elections at nursing homes where staff turnover has been nearly 100 percent in the past year.  “The only reason they’re blocking is because they think they’re going to lose,” he said.

As the ruling came down, prominent California leaders such as United Farm Workers co-founder Dolores Huerta and former California State Senate pro tem John Burton issued statements supporting NUHW. “Tens of thousands of healthcare workers are organizing with NUHW for a real voice at work and a democratic voice in their union, and that will continue in spite of this verdict,” Huerta said. “These reformers stood up for workers’ right to vote when SEIU tried to take it away, and that’s the only thing they’re guilty of.”



Posted by Guest Bernard Salas on Apr. 09, 2010 @ 10:59 pm

The only power craze going on here is Andy Stern and his power-mad tyranny. Hey folks, dont believe "Andy Stern" "Seiu" or "unions fight SEIU". All over the country union members are trying to get rid of SEIU. Hey salas, why dont you tell these good people how 88% of all our union dues goes directly to Andy Stern in Philadelphia? Or how Andy Stern protected the mobster Tyrone Freeman from prosecution after Freeman embezzled over $1 million from union dues!!!

Posted by garagehero on Apr. 10, 2010 @ 6:32 pm

You go to Church to follow the Bible not the pastor. Why are many people so blind when it comes to reality? Jamestown in the union world? At first i also drinked the kool-aid to get a taste but i never swallow. Instead i spitted it out like mouth rinse. All these Stewards who took an oath to up hold the contract & represent the members left us in the dark.WTF!!!!

Posted by Guest on May. 14, 2010 @ 7:33 am

I AM a rank and file member of SEIU-UHW. I'm trapped in their haze of purple. They will not allow me to leave, to have a FREE CHOICE of a union i trust. The purple people create a haze of fear and intmidation where-ever they go. They continually meet with managers behind our backs, negotiate side deals with no vote, and tell us its for our own best interests. As a well educated almost 40 something year old woman I'd like to decide what's best for me. if SEIU is so "great" what do they have to fear from a VOTE?? If NUHW is so bad, why not let the members voices be heard? I'll tell you why. Because at the end of the day ALL of their intimidation, and scare tactics (like "oh you'll lose your job if you sign that" or my favorite "you'll lose your benifits and salery if you don't do this" Everyone Kaiser-wide is scared for their jobs, you know why? Because SEIU ALLOWED kaiser to lay off tons of workers. There was NO fight, nothing. It just happened. We have SEIU reps REPORTING workers to their managers, making up lies and harrassing workers. SEIU is afraid of a little thing like a VOTE because at the end of the day people will vote to GET AWAY from them. They know it, I know it and NUHW KNOWS IT. June is coming and soon the purple haze known as SEIU will be going back to DC where they belong. VIVA LA NUHW.

Posted by T. Gorewitz on Apr. 11, 2010 @ 11:32 am

It is amazing how misinformed this writer is. This article makes sound as if nuhw is winning anything. They recently walked away in shame from 2 nursing elections at Oakridge and San Marco because they did not have one single supporter. They tried to file a decertification petition at The Jewish Home of San Francisco and they failed to get the appropriate number of signatures. They lied to workers at Grandcare facilities and tricked them into signing up a decertification petition by saying they will get $2.00 more an a hour if they sign and shortly after filing for an election, they blocked their own election when the nrlb proceeded to schedule an election knowing that they have at best 30% support. They recently tried to sabotage contract ratification agreements at Sutter Altha Bates and CPMC, they failed miserably. Workers are rejecting nuhw every single day, but this reporter clearly only hears what Sal and his crooks tell him. He should be diligent and learn for real who the members are supporting. Regardless of what Mr. Burton or Mr. Rosselli says and the spin they give to the trial, members are glad that a neutral jury fully understood how much damage this group of selfish and power hungry individuals have caused us.

So good luck Sal on trying to spin this one! Members are not stupid. You tricked us once, shame on you! But certainly you won't trick us again. Go away! Jewish home member.

Posted by Guest on Apr. 10, 2010 @ 4:22 am

In the last year, NUHW has won 7 out of the 9 elections it has contended with UHW. The other two it lost because SEIU sabotaged the elections.

Posted by garagehero on Apr. 10, 2010 @ 8:21 pm

7 out of 9 elections? Hmmm.... NUHW lost another one yesterday in Tarzana. 7 out of 10. Then there are the elections NUHW pulled out of at the last minute before they lost- Alameda, Natividad, OakRidge and San Marco. 7 out of 14. Not looking so great anymore. And lets see what happens from April 20-May 17 when 20-30 more elections will take place. I doubt we'll be hearing this kind of bragging from the guilty NUHW losers much longer.

Posted by Guest on Apr. 10, 2010 @ 9:21 pm

You know whats REALLY AMAZING??? Is that you can't see past that 1 BIG lie! And you are sadly mistaken about NUHW. Just ask Sutter ALTA Bates who yes, in fact, DID vote for SEIU to stay and are now kicking themselves because THEY ARE NOW PAYING FOR THEIR HEALTHCARE BENEFITS! So if this is a trick then you are the most uninformed individual in this whole mess! Oh and we are happy to go away from the likes of you! NUHW doesn't need NOR have such close-minded people in it. THATS WHY WE LEFT YOU FOLKS IN SEIU! Its where you belong! GO NUHW!!!

Posted by Guest EK on Sep. 05, 2010 @ 9:53 am

i'm no lawyer, but what's a "mixed result" in this finding? sounds like this nuhw was found guilty. nothing mixed about guilty. since they are guilty, wouldn't they be liable for seiu's legal fees spent to protect their members?

Posted by Guest on Apr. 10, 2010 @ 6:18 am

How do you figure seiu won it cost the members dues money to the SO CALLED LAWYERS ! ten million dollars , and not one witness could prove that nuhw stoled one penny from their members you can't say thaty for seiu can you I'm proud to be a supporter of nuhw and there are 100,000 that feel the same way Sal has never lied to the members and he always and i mean ALWAYS did as the members wanted !!!! He never made back door deals with owners and never put his members under the bus to take blame for anything. can you say the same for Andy Stern and the zombies at SEIU . GO ahead and keep drinking that purple koolaide , thats all you will have left when this all over and NUHW COMES OUT ON TOP!!!!! Mark my words NUHW is for the MEMBERS!!!!

Posted by guest: Janice NUHW SUPPORTER AND PROUD OF IT!!!!! on Apr. 14, 2010 @ 9:19 am

Mixed? Unresolved? Sounds like a guilty verdict to me. I'm with the jury--NUHW is GUILTY.

Posted by Guest on Apr. 10, 2010 @ 9:12 am

Dear Mr. Cook -

There is no price on justice. There is no justification for harm to workers.

Every action in this life is caused by one thing only: the desire to make life more comfortable for onesself, whether it is shifting position in your chair or starting a new union.

We must discriminate between what is a fight between 2 unions, a much too suimplistic view of the NUHW SEIU-UHW court case, and the underlying cause. The court case is the efftect, Sal Rosselli et al's intention is the cause.

What is the price for the harm caused to thousands of workers because of NUHW propaganda? What is the price for the lost and not to be regained jobs cause by NUHW?

I would ask you to look behind the superficial and the propaganda to the understanding of what this court case means: justice for workers whom Sal Rosselli et al have and continue to harm.

A sociopath is one who makes life comfortable for himself without concern for anyone else - a narcisstic ego trip at best. It is one who justifies all actions, no matter how harmful to others, as positive and cloaks the mania in positive terms. It is also one who blames everyone else for his true intent and actions and ultimately continues to act in the same manner.

Mr. Cook, I ask you to look deeper into the meaning of this "trial" and rethink your position.

Karen Timmons

Posted by Guest on Apr. 10, 2010 @ 11:00 am

Dear Mr. Cook -

The lowest mental common denominator in any resolution is money. It is the sign of the lowest form of mentality and government, which we now have in the USA.

The monies spent by SEIU on this court case serve to bring to light the immoral and unethical actions of the leaders of NUHW and their followers.

The hitghest common denominator is the ethics of a situation. Thousands of workers were hurt physically and emotionally by the actions of Rosselli et al. The damage to the workers is worth zillions, if you want to see it as a dollar sign. For some, who lost their jobs because grievances were stolen, there will be no reparation. They lost their jobs. Collateral damage? I hope you don't think that way.

No one would disagree that people have a right to form unions. But HOW and with WHAT MOTIVE are the question. Formation of a union with altruistic intent would not have left thousands of workers battlescarred.

Sociopath: a person who acts purely for negative egoistic intent, blames the victims, has no guilt nor conscience about his/her actions, and continutes to justify their actions.

I hope you rethink your article and come to a more altruistic and universal understanding.


Posted by Guest on Apr. 10, 2010 @ 10:21 am

didn't mean to post 3 times

Posted by Guest on Apr. 10, 2010 @ 11:20 am

This sounds like the fight between mainstream Democrats and progressives. In fact, it's the same fight. The SEIU is evil, going so far as to commit violence in order to protect its turf (Puerto Rico, for example). Andy Stern is the Bill Clinton of unions, cozying up to the worst corporations in order to increase union membership (and thereby his own power and money, though I'm not sure that these are his true motives). More power to Sal Roselli in this fight.

Posted by Jeff Hoffman on Apr. 10, 2010 @ 10:25 am

Your comment supporting Sal Rossili in his putting members at risk is infuriorating especially when you're condoning it. I am an employee in CPMC. Our contract expired on June 28, 2008, the leadership of Sal Rossili have an option to request for an extension, but they choose not to do it. They choose to put us at risk because we lose the ability to arbitate grievances. And the San Francisco Bay Guardian is telling the community that it is okay. SFBG writer encourages Sal Rossili to do more harm to the workers in CPMC.
Marcelin Robles, EVS dept.

Posted by marcelino robles on Apr. 10, 2010 @ 1:01 pm

you are forgetting that we are people - not just the coagulate word "union" We re people and we have been harmed by NUHW.

Posted by Guest on Apr. 10, 2010 @ 2:25 pm

Were you a fly on the wall in Andy Stern's office? Did you ask him why he did what he did? Sal Rosselli's? Do you know if Abraham Lincoln picked his nose, Jesus his toes> Does Obama have flatulence? Do we know KNOW the schemes, the plots, the reasons. More power to the knowledge that we all don't know the details. Wave a flag, if you will, but it is assumption and assumption is ignorance.

Posted by Guest on Apr. 10, 2010 @ 2:54 pm

What exactly is progressive about sabotaging union members, stealing grievance files, leaving contracts open, breaking and entering and union busting? The verdict says it all. Roselli and his cronies would throw any worker under the boss if it gave them more power.

Posted by Guest on Apr. 10, 2010 @ 9:26 pm

all these seiu comments about "hurting members" - the jury specifically decided nuhw didn't hurt any members. the issues the jury said warrant monetary compensation to seiu are about eg, seiu's claims of having to spend money to hire security guards when we protested - though its only SEIU who assaults folks and throws water bottles and eggs, etc at NUHW. Also, the jury decision does not require even one penny to be paid to seiu - the entire decision is awaiting the appeal process which can easily take a year for the courts to finish and may very well end up being completely over-ruled and NUHW being completely exonerated. SEIU probably wants it appealed too because over 95% of their claims were denied by the jury - SEIU sought $25 million and may someday per this decision get at most only about 5% of that.

Typical SEIU ignorance is on display here too - get a clue: this is a civil judgement - there is no such thing as a guilty verdict in civil court - but then clearly seiu folks didn't pay much attention in their ethics classes.

So seiu has said for over a year that NUHW is going to jail - so now seiu must put up or shut up (the latter please) because clearly nobody is going to jail since that also is not possible in a civil case.

So why did seiu drop so many of its charges during the case? Seems seiu knows they have nothing but BS and they have no problem spending millions of our dues dollars to sue NUHW, raid HERE, sends millions of mass mailers saying NUHW is going to jail and tons of other BS.

Also, all the decisions being complained about in these comments were done by a democratic vote unlike the seiu dictatorship.

Posted by Guest on Apr. 10, 2010 @ 2:26 pm

You people have been brainwashed!! Sal actually LISTENED to his members VOTE!! They didn't want to go where SEIU wanted..see thats what a union is all about: THE MEMBERS AND WHAT THEY WANT & VOTE ON!!! When you say he's this & that...He did it for the members! He risked everything..they all LOST THEIR JOBS for their members!! When is the last time you people can say that about SEIU??? And furthermore, get it straight they DID NOT embezzle because the last time I checked EMBEZZLING IS AGAINST THE LAW and you go to prison when you are found GUILTY. Sal & the rest of them only have to pay back their wages(again for FIGHTING for their members against SEIU)...none of them went to prison! Unlike SEIU's Alejandro Stephens who was just sentenced to prison "for setting up "bogus consulting agreements" with the VIP organization, agreements that concluded with pay work that was never done."( published 8/2/2010 by Dennis Romero.) Also FYI, "According to a lawsuit filed by 9 Kaiser employees & NUHW, Kaiser is paying for dozens of employees who are supervised & directed by SEIU staffers to carry out full-time work in support of SEIU in dozens of Kaiser hospitals & clinics across CA." (You can find a copy of actual document on under "press center" in the middle of article is the link) Hello? Its illegal for Kaiser to do this and since its SEIU they are paying SEIU IS OBVIOUSLY CORRUPT. So the question is: How far does one have to go to convince you? DUH..Have a clue...Unless you are one of the corrupt ones who likes to be a bully then you are not very bright. In fact I BET you are one of the corrupt ones and its now understandable how you keep pointing the finger at Sal & NUHW! HaHa Its so much easier to put the blame on someone else! Bummer...oh well there are more good people than ya think out there for NUHW...Good luck Pal! Your gonna need it!

Posted by Guest EK on Sep. 05, 2010 @ 10:21 am

The simple end to the story is that Sal costed us a lot of time money and broke our confidence in our union leaders it makes it very hard for us left behind to rebuild what devision he has caused; however may the healing now begun with those who are still confused by the lies and deception that have been ever so pervasive. For those front line stewards I solute you all for sticking in there and knowing what is worth fighting for and helping to keep the unity and being there to protect your co-workers. We at Kaiser are in bargaining now to win what counts to all of us, keep our benefits, fair wage increases, and long term job security. We plan on achieving this goal by partnering with our employer to help us all be successful in being the best health care system in the nation. The Obama administration has already said we are the model for the nations health care. We know we have room to grow and we are willing to do it in partnership.

Thanks for taking the time to read this

Tom Hinkle
LMP Co-Lead
National Bargaining Team Member

Posted by Guest Thomas Hinkle on Apr. 10, 2010 @ 2:52 pm

Unfortunately, Tom, it took three or four tries to read through your drivel in order to understand the points you were trying to put forth. Usually, it's easy for people to regurgitate the Purple Kool-Aid Talking Points, but even Tom Hinkle managed to jumble them up so badly as to render them almost illegible.

It is regrettable, but not surprising, that SEIU-UHW was putting forth someone who is functionally illiterate (at least from a public writing perspective) to serve as a representative chair in bargaining. After all, it is so much the better for both KaiPerm management and SEIU international if the local "representatives" have a less-than-comprehensive command of the King's English.

I can't wait to see the results of these "bargaining" sessions while the Zombie UHW team acts in "partnership." If my guess is right, it's going to be more of the same that we have already seen from post-trusteeship UHW: More UHW-bargained layoffs, more UHW-bargained transitions of 40-hour fixed positions into 30-plus-hour part time positions in variable locations, and more changes in lump-sum pension payouts.

No amount of SEIU spin or talking points will change the above track record - and that's just in Kaiser. Who knows what else SEIU and UHW have been giving away to management at CHW or Sutter or the public-sector hospitals.

Posted by Guest on Apr. 10, 2010 @ 5:45 pm

The Obama administration has said that KAISER, not SEIU , is the model for the best healt care in the US. Hinkle...the SEIU as it currently stands is one of the most corrupt organization in labor. Why is it that in every stae, in every local across the USA, members are trying to get out of SEIU???

Posted by garagehero on Apr. 10, 2010 @ 6:37 pm

....Where a very significant factual finding of wrongdoing by a Federal civil court jury is spun into some sort of victory for the people and organization found to have committed improper acts. This places it outside the world of pure rhetoric, where this fight has played out publicly, and into the area of provable facts. NUHW and 16 of its leaders were found to have acted improperly, by a Federal court, and the reporter fails to report this in a way that honors the court and jury.

I recall that the 2006 election was said to be good news for the Republican Party as well.

Posted by Doug Jones on Apr. 10, 2010 @ 11:35 pm

Bravo, Doug - You hit the nail of the head. NUHW leaders were tried by a jury of their peers, a case heard by an honorable judge, in Federal Court, and found guilty of "acting improperty." Yet, there are those that justify the actions of NUHW.

Is there no respect for the law? Where is justice when people can turn facts around in their minds and make the unjust just?

Posted by Guest on Apr. 11, 2010 @ 7:18 am

Doug, you hit the nail on the head. NUHW leaders were tried by a jury of their peers, in Federal Court, by an honorable Judge. And 16 were found guilty of acting improperly. Yet, both Mr. Cook and NUHW supporters find this verdict unaccepable, as though the actions of NUHW leaders were acceptable and the jury and judge are flawed. I find this thinking unacceptable.

By the way, reporting is just that: reporting - without bias. Telling of events without slant in any way and letting the reader decide.

Posted by Guest on Apr. 11, 2010 @ 7:44 am

i have been trying to figure out where you get this word "mixed verdict" from. but the only thing i can think of is BULL****. since the verdict did not go the way sal and obviously you wanted you have to find some way to spin it. and to be honest with you i did respect this paper i thought you gave an honest point of view. but now that i am one of the union members sal screwed. i know the facts i see the truth. i am one of the members Sal and his crew screwed. so i see how you are spinning it. and it makes me sick well atleast not we know the spin does not stop here also.

Posted by jennifer8282010 on Apr. 11, 2010 @ 5:55 am

The SEIU spent $5,000,000 to keep unhappy people from leaving it's union?

Also SEIU is attempting to block votes on the technicality(har) that there is a high turnover at a worksite.

From personal experience as a member I know the SEIU culture is one of getting over whenever possible no matter what it takes, I'm trying to figure out how they are different from the people they are supposedly protecting workers from.

I also find it interesting that I have heard with my own ears pro-SEIU types complain that business ties things up in court forever to keep people from having the choice to be in a union.

Posted by glen matlock on Apr. 11, 2010 @ 1:31 pm

National United Health Care Workers is a scam. The very name of the organization is based on a lie. NUHW is NOT a National Health Care Union. They have not secured one contract for any of the 3,000 workers which they claim to have organized. Where is the proof that they can improve the lives of workers in this country?
The only thing that Sal and his gang have proven is that they have their own twisted, personal agenda - and that they are cowards who are willing to lie and mislead workers who trusted them.
This fight is about Sal's ego. There is no monetary judgment that could make up for the damage that Sal Roselli and his gang have caused to the Labor movement in this country. How he sleeps at night, I'll never know.

Posted by Guest on Apr. 12, 2010 @ 12:31 am

The SEIU-UHW corrupt Zombies have squandered about ten million dollars of members' dues just to collect approximately $700.000 from NUHW? And how about the other ten or more million dues dollars UHW has squandered trying to raid and destroy UNITE HERE? Twenty million dollars.! That's a lot of money being stolen from hard working, dues paying members. And for what? Simply to try and destroy union democaracy?

The entire union and progressive movements have condemned SEIU's anti-union strategy!


Posted by Guest on Apr. 12, 2010 @ 11:28 am

I'm a member of SEIU-UHW and very proud of it!!!!!!!!!!!
This all began when Sal didn't want to lose his power of 65,000 homecare and nursing home workers. That's when Sal and his cornies started telling us bold face lies! They just can't stand it because they can't lie and use us any more.
This case was heard it a Federal Court by a jury of 9 of their peers. both sides put on their case. Maybe they needed to fire their attorny's because I was there and they never disproved a single thing that our attorny's said that they had done. In fact I heard evidence that I didn't know they had done before the trial began. They weren't dinged for fighting the trusteeship, fighting for democracy or fighting for a voice. They were found guilt of illegally using union money and salaries to finance their so called union NUHW.
For the members of UHW it wasn't about the money that was awarded, but about the truth coming out. This isn't about what SEIU or NUHW say it's about what the jury said "GUILTY"
So NUHW go out and organize the unorganized and stop the union-busting.

I read their L-M2 report which states that they have no members. The've already had to get a loan from another union. You really should check it out.

Posted by Guest Mary Harms on Apr. 12, 2010 @ 5:12 pm

Check out NUHW's LM-2 report.

It's hard to find their "organization" but search by their file number: 544-076

As you can see, they owe $2 million. And so far ZERO "0" MEMBERS!

And do the members of UNITE HERE know that their leadership has donated over half a million of members dues to NUHW?

Posted by Guest on Apr. 13, 2010 @ 1:26 pm

Doug Jones is a scab.

Posted by Charlie Ridgell on Apr. 14, 2010 @ 10:01 am

Why would Doug Jones be a scab? He worked for UHW before the trusteeship... I thought that scab meant something else. Furthermore, I personally heard Sal, during one of the staff meetings preceding the trusteeship, advising staff members to keep their jobs with UHW while in trusteeship and simply do what was best for themselves and their families. So what's Doug's fault here? I am sorry Charlie but I don't understand your accusation.

Posted by Guest on Apr. 15, 2010 @ 5:34 pm

Why would Doug Jones be a scab? He worked for UHW before the trusteeship... I thought that scab meant something else. Furthermore, I personally heard Sal, during one of the staff meetings preceding the trusteeship, advising staff members to keep their jobs with UHW while in trusteeship and simply do what was best for themselves and their families. So what's Doug's fault here? I am sorry Charlie but I don't understand your accusation.

Posted by Guest on Apr. 15, 2010 @ 5:35 pm

Boooriiiing!!!! Progressives fighting with other progressives.... I am more progressive than you are! No, I am more than you are. Nooo!!! I aamm


Posted by Guest on Apr. 15, 2010 @ 5:57 pm

Why would Doug Jones be a scab? He worked for UHW before the trusteeship... I thought that scab meant something else. Furthermore, I personally heard Sal, during one of the staff meetings preceding the trusteeship, advising staff members to keep their jobs with UHW while in trusteeship and simply do what was best for themselves and their families. So what's Doug's fault here? I am sorry Charlie but I don't understand your accusation.

Posted by Guest on Apr. 15, 2010 @ 5:38 pm

Why would Doug Jones be a scab? He worked for UHW before the trusteeship... I thought scab meanssomething else. Furthermore, I personally heard Sal advising staff members to keep their jobs with UHW while in trusteeship if that was best for themselves and their families. So what's Doug's fault here? I am sorry Charlie but I don't understand your accusation.

Posted by Guest on Apr. 15, 2010 @ 6:00 pm

Oh yeah...Remember the Kool-Aide man is red

Posted by Guest on May. 14, 2010 @ 7:41 am

He said that SEIU will not get any money back within a year. Well I guess if he forms his new union NUHW the dues will pay his fine. So if you want to help out SAL with his fines go ahead and join NUHW. He is waiting for your DUES!

Posted by Guest on May. 31, 2010 @ 10:50 am

I would like to add my comment, but I am also afraid of what SEIU may do to retaliate. Some of the SEIU people became violent toward me on my job and I'm afraid that they may harm my family. I was minding my own business but I guess they thought I was not supposed to be where I was. Any way, even the police were kind of afraid to file a report after talking to the SEIU group. My lawyer has advised me to move to another state where SEIU is not active or well-comed because he knows how violent they are, but I can't afford to do that as I am the only person working in my home.

Posted by Guest on Jul. 01, 2010 @ 7:38 am

This whole argument is moot, since the whole Sal Roselli/ NUHW lawsuit is a HOAX. He was accused of stealing 1.5 million, which the jury whittled down to 500,000, and it for the use of UHW facilities. Not a guilt/not guity sort of determination that the SEIU is trying to make it out to be. In fact, the jury dropped all but three of the charges, which were basically just finacial liability. The jury and judge even ruled that the NUHW doesnt have to pay the whole amount. Three Federal judges WARNED SEIU after the judgement to stop filing frivolous and baseless lawsuits against its competitors. SEIU is now being taken to court for the REAL crime of embezzling 15 million dollars from UNITE HERE in the midwest!!! The fact remains that DOZENS of locals across the nation are trying to rid themselves of the CANCER that the SEIU is!!!

Posted by garagehero on Jul. 13, 2010 @ 1:58 pm

Many of you want to make comments about Sal and SEIU. The fact is many workers at Kaiser do not want to be in SEIU. SEIU used our dues to fight against our workers who wanted to be in NUHW. SEIU lives the life while our workers are being laid off. Kaiser workers are not really being represented being by SEIU. SEIU is to busy talking to management and not the workers. NLRB found Kaiser guily of broking the law and causing massive damage to worker's rights and SEIU lied to over 40,000 members by telling them that they would not get their raises and contract if they voted for NUHW. Kaiser and SEIU knew of the law rather then telling the truth, they chose profit over workers. Even though SEIU have told other unions that they wanted to take over it is contractual law to honor the existing contract. SEIU outright lied to over 40,000 workers that would be lose everything if we voted for NUHW. Kaiser chose to broke the law until after the elections. We are the workers and Kaiser did not respect our contract and SEIU did not respect the Kaiser workers. But I'm sure it was worth it to Kaiser and SEIU. Must be nice to live off Kaiser workers hard earned money while we lost jobs. Go back to Washington, DC and We want our own California Union, NUHW
Let us go SEIU!!

Posted by Guest on Feb. 09, 2011 @ 10:38 pm